Friday, 1 August 2008

Sky's the Limit

Sometimes, someone else's success makes me feel as if my own personal accomplishments have amounted to nothing. I felt that way today when I read about the exploits of an American hiker.

She's strong, focused, and determined. She's summitted some of the world's highest peaks, including Mt. Whitney - the highest peak in the continental US. She's five years old.
Today, I haven't even left my apartment.

Not only does this small girl, Yunona, skip up mountains. She can also read in two languages, identify 50 countries on the globe (along with their capitals), and subtract four digit numbers. Nobody can touch this kid...almost. She says her stiffest competition is her three-year-old sister.

I don't even have memories of being five years old. And I can't pronounce Yunona.

I'm sure that this small girl's life isn't easy. There can't be much time to play with legos in between treks through national parks - she's been to 21 of them in the past 13 months.

Her parents admit that she sometimes cries when they take her on 'very hard' hikes 'in the dark.' And they try to take it easy on her when they are in sub-zero temperatures.

Yunona is busy planning a trip to Tanzania where she will attempt to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro next year. I can only imagine what Yunona will achieve when she reaches double digits.

Perhaps I will read a report of her accomplishments, from my seat on the sofa.