Sunday, 9 October 2011

All Night Party People

WHO are we? 

This is what I asked myself recently when I walked in the door at five am.

It was that time of the year for Mr. Happy to celebrate making it to the anniversary of his birth. This year we did our partying at No Black Tie, KL's tres cool jazz bar. 

It was just our luck that the Eleven Fela Orchestra was playing that night. They are a collection of world class, Julliard trained musicians, some of whom are in the Philharmonic.

And they rocked.

And we rocked.

They even serenaded Mr. Happy with their rendition of Happy Birthday.

Mmmm. What  a delicious looking (and I assure you tasting) cake! I wonder what lovely wife baked that???

After the concert the lovely owner Evelyn locked up.

That's when the champagne came out and the party really started!!!

Warning: Cover the eyes of small children...

That's right, things got X-rated!

And that's the way we roll...
into middle age.

(Just kidding, my old man isn't middle age - yet!)

Oh-La-Latin American Ball

My huba-huba husband and I dusted off our dancin' shoes last night and attended the KL Latin American Ball next door to our apartment in the Hilton.

And it was a spicy evening indeed.

For all of his perfection, Mr. Happy remains unable to tie a proper bow tie. This has caused a number of awkward situations on formal occasions. And here comes the awkwardness...

Another wardrobe malfunction -

On second thought, perhaps it was supposed to look like that.

Mr. Happy asked me to "look alive".

And while I look like an advertisement for a toothpaste commercial, when I gave Mr. Happy the same 'look alive' command, I got this -

This was literally how he looked five seconds after passing the camera to me.

Time for an espresso.  And dancing! The music set our souls on fire...

And after seeing the bottom of one too many pisco sours...

I found myself puffing on a cubano.
Living la vida loca, indeed.

Mira que guapo!