Sunday, 11 April 2010

Brunch in the Sky - Bring Your Bathing Suit!

Last month, Mr. Happy's sister, EconGal, and her husband, Trader, visited us in KL! We had a jam-packed itinerary for them and we kicked it off around noon of their first day at Trader's Sky Bar. borrowed photo:

Normally, we wouldn't pass through the doors of the Sky Bar until well past sunset, but they've just introduced a weekend brunch and, seeing as time was tight, we thought we'd show off the city's best view over a daytime meal.

The brunch costs 148++RM (12pm-3pm) and includes all the cocktails and beer you can drink. As anyone who frequents the Sky Bar will tell you, this is a pretty good value as their drinks are on the pricier side. You also get to choose from several set brunch menus. And you get to swim!

When you walk in the door, you are given a robe, slippers, and a bracelet to identify you as 'brunch clientele'. I wouldn't have gotten so dressed up for the day if i realized I was going to be lounging around in my bathing suit all day.

Girls in sarongs come by and spray you with Evian to keep you cool when you're not in the pool. And masseuses from the spa also drop by to give you a free 15 minute massage!

Relax boys!

The food was good HOWEVER it took ages to arrive and they forgot about our main course. It wasn't a big deal because we were happy drinking and swimming and we just had to keep reminding them.

May I recommend some drinks in pastels???

This was only the second week they held the brunch, so I'm sure they are still working out the kinks. Once they work out the service of the food, it will get my two thumbs up. Oh, and the extensive drink menu should include BLOODY MARYS. Hello, this is brunch!