Sunday, 11 December 2011

Birthday Shenanigans

My birthday rolled around much too quickly this year. This year the Baker is living in Leeds, so I'd resigned myself to no cake. However, after a surprise birthday breakfast prepared by the renowned Chef Happy...this was delivered to my door.

Chocolate. Fudge. Brownie.

Here I am wishing with my whole heart that time would slow down a bit!

This year we were invited to a prestigious IFF event (Islamic Fashion Festival) the night of my birthday. The theme was 'A Touch of the Orient' for the evening. They'd decorated the ballroom to look like cherry blossom season.

The food was - fantastic. 

Some of the designs were inspired some were...a bit over the top. Dato' Tom Abang Saufi's designs were the best!!

It's funny going to a fashion show where the motto of the event is - modesty.

In fact, I struggled to find a dress with sleeves to wear.

Couldn't do it. I had to wear a scarf over my scandalous shoulders.

The next day, the celebrating continued with my favorite food - sushi!

Duri-Anna and Duri-Andy treated us to dinner at Ozeki on Jalan P. Ramlee.

The drink for the night - soju. A distilled Korean liquor. We'll be visiting Korea next week so this was important preparation.

We had a feast!

 Here I am eating an order of cartilage for the first time.

Mmm. Tastes just like knee!

The final feeding frenzy for my birthday was a group Dim Sum brunch on Sunday at the Concorde Hotel.

I love me some dim sum!!!

And I was treated to a special birthday balloon as it turned out this was a restaurant with dim sum and clowns!!

My sculpture was pretty time consuming.

 A line of angry children formed giving me the evil eye.

This bouquet smelled great!

"Did you go home after dim sum MerBear?"you might ask. "No!" my dear reader, "I did not!" This was when the drinking pool party began.

And then the serious drinking house party.

Which finally ended with a slightly tipsy recovery trip to Carl's Junior. 

What a (birth) day...and many more...!!

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