Wednesday, 14 December 2011


The good people of Cambridge and Oxford have offered another illuminating KL class. And this was right up my alley....mixology.

How to mix the perfect drink.

Seeing that the class was on the US holiday of Thanksgiving, they decided to create a menu of American drinks.  While I expected this to be a fruity cosmopolitan or perhaps a green apple martini, we had some hard core drinks of the bourbon, scotch, rye variety.

One of these drinks makes for a pretty stiff cocktail. Five of them. Fuggetaboutit.

The class took place a club called Celsius in a mall called Fahrenheit 88 off Bukit Bintang.

What really knocked me for a loop was the fact that my fellow classmates (and husband!) ordered extra drinks BETWEEN the cocktails. Obviously they are more serious than I when it comes to drinking. I stuck to water.

Following our drinks we took a vigorous turn on the dance floor and then went out for a late night Malaysia staple - Roti Canai. This is a bread dish typically served with dhal. However, the place we found spiced up their roti with...wait for it...Milo!!! If you don't know, Milo is chocolate. And what makes chocolate even better??? Cheese! Wait, what? Well, that's how the thinking goes after 5 glasses of bourbon and the Macarena. Mr. Happy also included a third ingredient to his - egg. I know, I know but I told you he was ordering drinks in-between his bourbon.  These were served with a sweet condensed milk dipping sauce. Magic. These were consumed too quickly to photo.

One anomaly I did photograph, however, was this beaut in the ladies' restroom. I'm at a loss. Please tell me, how does something like this happen???

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