Monday, 12 December 2011

Elton John

That's right.



I knew he was preforming in Malaysia, but the concert was $$$ and being performed in the Genting Highlands which is an hour by car (which I don't have) and by bike (which I do have) - let's see - slightly longer than not in this lifetime!

So it was quite unexpected when a friend called the afternoon of the concert to say she had an extra discounted ticket to Elton and she would happily give me a ride.

Um. Let me think ab- Yes!

To get to Genting you take a twisty road that ascends for miles into the mountains. It's much cooler than down in KL. The most difficult part of the night was navigating our way out of this crazy confusing, scary, and wet parking garage.

(If you can't make it out, we are parked in B5a F8 -- Seriously?)

But we are smart girls and we made it.

Elton played HARD for 2.5 hours with no breaks.

It was hit.

After hit.

After hit.


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